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Todays Heroes Inc.
The Blue Mountains

Kimurawear is a proven leader in providing quality and innovative products throughout the martial arts industry. Founded in 2006, Kimurawear began creating innovative training equipment for martial artists, fighters and fitness enthusiasts alike. By working countless hours with professional athletes, we were able refinine our products and set new standards in the martial arts market place.  Kimurawears has solidified its reputation in the martial arts industry, by specializing in multiple disciplines such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing and MMA. Kimurawears unique approach of forward thinking and innovation, entitles martial arts practitioners to find out what they are capable of achieving.

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If you’re looking to book a family vacation or just a quick weekend getaway, True Blue Homes is your perfect home away from home.  Whether you plan to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, summer golf trip, or boutique shopping and fine dining.  A stay at Mountain Springs Resort offers the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy your business getaway or family vacation.  Located in Ontario’s beautiful Blue Mountain Collingwood region, less then a two minute drive from the stunning Blue Mountain village and next door to Toronto Ski Club.  Family time is precious, so our goal is to offer the comfort of home, with the luxuries of Ontario's premium four season getaway vacation of the Blue Mountain's.

True Blue Homes has expanded to Muskoka Ontario, Canada.  We have a 16 acre Cabin Resort schedule to be operating in Summer 2021.

Todays Heroes Inc, is our main  Umbrella Company.  Over the last 20 + Years we have built and sold brands, from Gyms, Sports Memorabilia to Apparel Lines. 


Over the  last 5 years, I have personally put my knowledge and passion for building  Brands and  passed it forward to new entrepreneurs.  Helping them bring an idea in there mind to life.  We then take that idea, and turn it into a full time business.  We target: Product Development, Website Designs, Trademarks, Social Media.   We get you from  A to Z with your new business.

If you have an idea, or just need help with your  brand or business, use our contact info and  send me a direct message.

Jeff Knows Inc Podcast

 Jeff Knows Inc. Entrepreneurial podcast – with your host Jeff Lopes.  Jeff has over 2 decades experience as a serial entrepreneur.  Building brands like Kimurawear from his home basement to a multi million dollar global brand that has sold over a quarter million pairs of boxing gloves.  Jeff’s here to educate, guide and drive Entrepreneurs on the process from bringing their ideas and dreams to reality, with the inspiring stories from some of the top business minds.

Mans Purpose Business Coaching

Mans Purpose is our Newest Coaching Platform launching Jan 2021.  We will Teach. Help Focus and Guide Entrepreneurs to become more connected Husbands, Fathers and Scale there businesses to the Next Level.

We have build a proven system, that will hold YOU accountable, while educating you and helping you become A Better Man.

We will teach you what your True Purpose is.

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